What crowns represented in some cultures’ monarchy was what a stool stood for in Ashanti royalty. Each chief, lord or king had a stool he inherited. But there was a central Stool the empire revolved around, like a hub attaching spokes to a wheel. The Sika Dwa (Golden Stool) of the Ashanti was the symbol of the sunsum (soul) of the empire. All the territories of the empire, vassal states and provincial or metropolitan regions, revolved around this soul. Once, a provincial lord in Gyaman made a stool like the Sika Dwa, which angered the Ashantihene Osei Bonsu (the whale) of that period. This led to a war that destroyed the Bonduku region, the chief beheaded and the replica stool melted into a golden facemask. It was a message to maintain the Golden Stool as the symbol of Ashanti Union.

When the younger brother of Bonsu, meaning ‘whale,’ (who got the nickname after conquering and expanding the Ashanti Empire to the Fante coast, even symbolically dipping his sword in the sea) Akoto Yaw (pronounced Yau) became the ruler he failed to maintain this status quo when the British allied with the Fante to contest Ashanti hegemony in the region. He was too confident of the massive Ashanti army and historic victories of his predecessors. Osei Tutu had decapitated a British brigadier, McCarthy who led a small force to fight him, and Bonsu had proven to be the whale. Yaw Akoto did not even heed the advice to launch a night attack, seeing himself as mirroring a great Ashantihene, Osei Kwadwo, who was known to take the field fearlessly in daylight.

The British and their allies were on the verge of another defeat when English Congreve rockets were fired into the Snider-rifle bearing Ashanti. So much Bedlam and mayhem took over the Ashanti that Ashantihene Yaw Akoto’s command post was abandoned in utter confusion, leaving behind the Stool.
Like most empires of the past, the Ashantihene must be a warrior-king, leaving behind the Soul of the empire was the antithetical result of Yaw Akoto trying to prove his prowess as a warrior-king. However, one of the commanders in the fast retreating Ashanti forces was a prince. This prince and his command of fighting men recovered the Golden Stool, preventing it from being captured by the enemy. This prince became the next Ashantihene Kweku Dua Panyin I.

In 1963, the United States launched spy satellites outside the earth to know if Russia was testing nuclear weapons in outer space. The satellites picked up explosions and nuclear radiations. There are nova explosions going on even though it all seemed quiet and noiseless out there when we look up into the night sky. Our sun is one of the stars, just as the twinkling little stars we see are suns far off away. When a star, or sun, dies, gravity begins to crush its center (earth is not the only body with its ratio of gravity). The sun’s core of carbon and oxygen, plus the helium produced by burning hydrogen, would eventually become an ion (a single atom with electric charge through loss or gain of electrons). This will result to massive nova explosions that blasts iron into the cosmos. If there were no supernova blasts elements would not be released into the universe. From the iron in our blood’s hemoglobin to the iron in construction engineering, it is the result of supernovas spluttering life into the universe.

Iron becomes cobalt, cobalt, nickel and on like that to gold and platinum.
The Golden Stool was made from the result of one of such powerful atomic explosions, causing a nuclear reaction of a single nucleus splitting into smaller nuclei and releasing massive energy. Energy becomes matter, and matter turn to energy. Atom is the smallest unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element. The atom is made up of electrons looping around in gravity to the nucleus. The nucleus of an atom is made up of protons (positive electric charge) and neutrons (negative electric charge), which together are nucleons. The electrons are also negative electric charge that are typically of similar numbers to the protons. But the numbers could alter and cause the atom to ionize.
Interestingly, while we may also see the soul force woven around the Golden Stool, we see gravity holding the moon to earth, just as in an atom, the electrons are attracted by electromagnetic force to the nucleus of the atom. A much stronger force binds the protons and neutrons together, called nuclear force, also repelling the protons from touching.

As the planets revolve around the sun, and atom made from binding subatomic particles, so did the Ashanti built a national soul for one of Africa’s finest pre-colonial society. The nucleus center of an atom has the most of its mass and could release massive energy if the nucleus was split (nuclear fission). This is the destructive power of the nuclear bomb yet indispensable nuclear energy. Novas too are nuclear.

Stars lived for billions of years before they die, our sun too will someday die. But it is not only when an atom is ionized that it is positively charged. If a star died and not explode, it will not release elements. However, iron will still eat up all the energy in the core. Once the core was collapsed by gravity with such powers that the atoms within crush each other, becoming denser and smaller until it eventually explodes, releasing elements. In death, new ones are born. It is not only within earth this law applies, even in the stars above. The mass of the density of all the crushed atoms in a dying star reduced from the equivalent of earth being reduced to a city, or Empire State building reduced to a grain; thus the massive nova explosions sending out stardust in Outer Space. In short, everything in this universe is from stardust. Gold and uranium are from the same stardust. We too are from dust…stardust.

If we can trace the origin of the gold that cast the Golden Stool that an empire revolved around as the sunsum (spirit) of the nation, and we marvel at how the orbs of planets revolve around the sun, or the moon around the earth, then let us minutely see wisdom life is pointing to us in the atom, too. We have so much power in the core of the structure of life, from the most basic atom to the astronomical solar system. But not many who started reading this would finish it to the end because too many Africans find it Pan-African relishing the history and shunning the sciences, just as several African scientists are often not Pan-African in awareness. Africans have left a huge chunk missing in the middle. The Bible said of wisdom being everywhere but we still expect a sledgehammer to knock us on the head of everywhere.

History is an art related subject as well as religion, many conscious Africans are – not surprisingly – religious, shunning the sciences. The same gesture did not go unoffered by the scientists who shun arts. We thus become fed by the lies of the “Anti-Christ (al-dajjer)” itself that science is evil. Know thy Bible/Koran as much as you know thy astronomy/physics (astrophysics). There is massive energy stored in each of us, from our brains to the power of our minds or souls, this is why when men come together in one spirit and one faith, power comes to religious sects, covens or even ideologies (Nazi); from laptops to smart phones or Coke bottle, they are products of human mental ingenuity.

However way anyone chose to view it, whether the religious who shuns all science talk as atheistic or the scientist who is ignorant of philosophy or art in his mathematical view, we are all from dust and to it we shall return. Stardust.
Nothing dies in life, only changing from state to state. Why then do we kill or hate, determining a verdict of judgment, in the name of religion? Religion is a component of the spirituality of Life and not Life itself, just as science is also a component of the observations of Life.
Assalam Alaykum from the Orishas.




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