What Relevance Is the Spiritual/Matter to Society?

In the West, using America as a case study especially, the church could be said to be dead in the spirit as dodo. The new wave of Christianity is no more than Americanism, which entails, looking expensive, glittering and – of course – looking western. The depth of spirituality expected of Christianity is no more there. When the blacks first landed as slaves on the shores of the New World, they brought with them their nostalgic sense of home and everything tied to it in terms of culture. Culture meanwhile, cannot be separated from spiritual belief of a people and their general ways of life. Even though it was devilish for them to proclaim they were anything outside Christianity, but they retained underground their spiritual songs and beliefs.

In Africa, where they came from, songs were parts of the rite to worship the spiritual and people went into trances to bring messages from the spiritual to the mundane world we live. The songs in the Fon worship of vodun (which became voodoo), god of the crossroads – or Esu in Yoruba – became what unified the slaves into subsequent rebellions that established Haiti. Blacks were prevented from voodoo and slaves were not purchased from voodoo-ridden Caribbean islands for fear of polluting more slaves and there was a ban in 1817 in New Orléans against black public meetings.

The link connecting the voodoo music to the worship was slowly severed but the music itself evolved independently. The church became almost the only place of worship the black could be heard to sing and lift his soul to moving consciousness of his Creator, and then in the working field. But never in any black, social gathering. African rhythms were now played with western musical instruments or sung in the field as songs of hope, becoming the Negro spirituals. A new kind of worship emerged and music became in the church for the blacks a way that moved the “Holy Spirit” for “anointing” to flow (as Christians will say). The Negro Spirituals and subsequently through history it evolved into jazz, the Blues, rhythm and blues and rock and roll. Now Hip Hop is the latest genre whose descendants could be traced back to those nostalgic, religious slaves forced to the New World hundreds of years ago.


Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home,
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan, and what did I see
Coming for to carry me home?
A band of angels coming after me,
Coming for to carry me home.


Sometimes I’m up, and sometimes I’m down,
(Coming for to carry me home)
But still my soul feels heavenly bound.
(Coming for to carry me home)


The brightest day that I can say,
(Coming for to carry me home)
When Jesus washed my sins away.
(Coming for to carry me home)


If I get there before you do,
(Coming for to carry me home)
I’ll cut a hole and pull you through.
(Coming for to carry me home)


If you get there before I do,
(Coming for to carry me home)
Tell all my friends I’m coming too.
(Coming for to carry me home)


Without much ado, there is something about the African and spirituality, which the Caucasian lacked. Whites however are far more pragmatic and realist in their thinking than the African who is far too lost in spiritual ideals. Reason is Hellenistic, as emotion is Africa. Take a case of Ebola as example, while the whites are looking for scientists and researchers to find out more of the virus and defeat it, Africans are generally looking for shaman and priests to give them Holy Water and ‘protection from the Satan-sent Ebola.’ Let us not say this is because of the level of education, no, for this cuts across to the uneducated white and educated blacks.

The whites rarely go to church these days and they have a better grasp of reality, while blacks throng off to churches and mosques in droves yet it is clear in our mother continent that we do not have a grasp of reality. Colonization? Please, India was also colonized, and China too was poor a few decades ago; both excuses Africa blames for reasons of its setbacks.

Africans have showcased a lot of bright minds in different fields, but until our political leaders do not think like the average African, which is that, the average African should stop attempting to answer practical questions by spiritual means, we will remain in the doldrums. Have you thought about who first thought about the idea of a figure zero? It is easier to create the other figures of 1,2,3,4,5 since we can see and count. But how did the whoever invented zero come to see it as an important item in math and calculation. Our financial world today rests a lot on it; add a single zero to 2 and it gives you a larger amount 20. Our economic and computer world today would have been laughable without it. That shows the power of thinking to solve a problem.

What we are meant to do, you will rather hear the African say, “God will…” why not make your pragmatic effort? If African leaders can stop believing God will do this or that for their nations, things will be better. The man who runs to church for his problems is simply selfish, for while others are making the world a better place, you chose to be a consumer who is only concerned about how God will save him and give him a good job. That is selfish and myopic.

Until we value the life around us and look around as the environment as the engines that will manifest God on earth, religious people (Islam, Christianity, Ifa and others) will only live a selfish life of I am going to heaven and the world around us is nothing. Maybe we need to take time to study how complex even the body we call sin is; it’s beautifully arranged network of veins and tissues and the way the blood circulation, and digestive system works in perfect sequence. What about the universe, have we taken time to study the beautiful galaxy we are in: Milky Way, the Black hole and why it is so, and the awesome constellations of stars that beautify our night sky while we go about dumbly at night without taking time to question this awesome creations? If we, and things we see in nature, were created, why do we then not create, too? We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. All is one; one is all.

However, we should strongly note too that it is a myopic error on the side of the whites too to disbelieve in the spiritual. Physics now is taking science beyond the limitation of trying to rationalize everything. Albert Einstein, with his general theory of relativity, opened the doors of science into spiritual realities. Einstein theorized that all matter is inseparable from an ever-present quantum energy field and this is the sole reality underlying all appearances. Physicists found that the most basic atomic particles in the cosmos comprise the very fabric of the material universe. An electron, for example, can be shown to be both a wave and a particle depending on the observer’s perspective. Therefore animists who were tagged pagans for worshiping the trees, rivers, mountains because of the energy force in the material nature, were a step ahead of science.

This scientific discovery of wave/particle duality, meant that everything is joined or connected together. Space and time is composed of the same essence as matter. Space/time is like a conscious atomic sea, extending out from reality; though all of material creation may also be said to be conscious. Since all matter and events interact with each other, time (past, present, future) along with space and distance, all is relative to the observer and operate as one under the law of Non-Locality.

“A principle related to non-locality is called Bell’s Theorem. This is a quantum physics law that says that once connected, objects affect one another forever no matter where they are. Following the principle of Bell’s Theorem…an invisible stream of energy will always connect any two objects that have been connected in any way in the past.” This meant that everything is connected to everything else. This birthed the “holographic universe” idea, the powerful conscious energy that the whole can invariably be found in the tiniest particles: an atom of a blade of grass to the most distance galaxies. The building blocks of atoms are merely, “parcels of compressed energy, packed and patterned according to certain mathematical formulae” and inherent unifying All.

Therefore, matter and energy are two poles of the same unity. Conscious spirituality and Mystics call this Oneness or Interconnectedness. It means thus that either the African who does not grasp reality, or the Caucasian who refuses to acknowledge the spiritual, both are myopic in general terms. The disrespect for spirituality by thinking Man is All has tagged America as the seat of the Anti-Christ, and we see how the state of moral decadence has gone down the drain and threatening the rest of the world in this new sweep of Americanism. Jihadists thus think an RPG is enough to blow America and its excessive, immoral freedom to hell. But that too is myopic. Evil will hide behind the pretense that there is no evil and the systematic rot will creep on us, like a banana; we will think the world is ripening, but meanwhile it is rotting fast.

Each of us should become aware that we are material/spiritual beings and the Oneness of this wisdom, knowledge and understanding will be the one to make the world a better place and prepare our infinite spirits in transmigration to another realm in death…for indeed, nothing dies in nature. Only man-made things rot, but nature only changes state.

Science will someday return the conscious whites to spirituality, if Africans now do not grasp realism to blend with their present idea of the spiritual, we will not only find the black man behind in developing his physical realities, poverty would by then also have corrupted the African’s sense of this spirituality, pushing it to the background, and leaving the African in a third round of colonialism – Doppelganger Colonization. Return to the obelisks and pyramids and see the significant of spiritual and practical education. Never divorce either; it kills the true you, spiritual or physical.

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One Response to What Relevance Is the Spiritual/Matter to Society?

  1. Cheryl Jones says:

    Much can be gained by using a more holistic approach to study,
    which integrates both the left-brain (science) and the right-brain
    (spiritual). I call this ‘sacred science’’ vs. using other diverse terms
    (i.e. black –White , African-European, Eastern-Western, etc). I can
    see many benefits to using a more holistic approach. For example,
    the police force could use both a scientific/forensic team and a
    spiritual/psychic team working these two angles to solve crimes.
    I also like to mix my spiritual studies (using all religions) with science
    to avoid the more myopic limited focus that is so apparent today.
    I also enjoy using Einstein’s theory of relativity to explain spiritual/material
    relationships. I enjoy the books written by Gregg Braden, who also
    explains this E=Mc2** with a continuum expansion. He explains
    phenomena from both the scientific and the spiritual points of view.
    Mathematically speaking, I find the symbols for ‘zero’ and ‘infinity’ to
    be a very interesting topic for discussion. Supposedly, around 2000 years
    ago the Hindus of India introduced the symbol ‘sunya’ = ‘empty or zero’.
    This was passed from the Hindus to the Arabs who called this concept
    ‘sifr’ = ‘cipher, empty, nothing, or zero’. The Arabs then passed this to the
    Europeans. Some say that the invention of nothing and the use of zero for
    holding place value came after the Egyptian and Roman Numeral systems.
    However, I have recently discovered that the ancient Mayans of
    South America also used the zero place holder with their math calculations.


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