What is the killing of Michael Brown telling the African?

While President Obama finally spoke on the recent riot that broke out after the controversial killing of black young male by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, another development came up. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) fraternity boasted that its Missouri chapter was raising funds for the police officer who shot the boy, claiming the cop was a hero to have done that.

The New Empire Knights of the Klan boasted, “We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” said an email from the Klan group. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90 percent of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”

The Arizona Klan chapter also wrote, “We know that Michael Brown was nothing more than a punk. The media and others are painting him out to be a ‘good son’ and ‘great kid.’ The blacks of Missouri are showing their love of him by rioting, attacking and shooting people. Nothing new.” 

The KKK also held a rally with the cops practically protecting their right to assemble, as they mounted a cordon between them and a small protesting crowd. Probably the brutal beating of another black woman by a white Highway Patrol cop on July 1 would also be a thing of joy to the KKK. The New Empire Knights of the KKK also added,

 “Like most low IQ Negroes, Brown was taught by communist public schools to hate white people and white culture. Like most young blacks, Brown had no respect for the law. He clearly hated white police officers. I am happy the police shot Michael Brown. That is one less criminal and thug on the streets. FBI data shows that over 90% of interracial crime is black on white. Brown was clearly a punk that had no respect for the law. Hopefully the blacks rioting in Missouri will face the same swift justice. The town should name a street after the police officer who did his job. He should be given medals. He is a hero in my eyes. Michael Brown was nothing more than an affirmative-action Negro with a hatred of white people. Mr. Brown, you crossed the wrong white man. Rest in peace. Mrs. Brown – I am happy your son was shot. One less criminal!

I recently watched a KKK rally in honor of one of their members who had been 50 years in the movement, and I took time to listen to the speeches delivered by their Imperial Wizard, the Grand Dragon and other speakers. They believed the Zogs (blacks) are to live separately from the supreme race (whites), and the “Jews” who controlled the media and government are to be blamed for the decadence that has infiltrated the White House. They sang songs later in the night and danced around a burning cross. They do not see anything good in any Nazarene who is not white, even as they preached Christianity, aside from having their own Kloran (the book of the KKK).

Let us not be too overtly sentimental, few minutes before his shooting, there was a robbery in a store where a black male who fit the physical description of Mike Brown was caught in a CCTV video coverage. The blurry video showed someone of Mike Brown’s 6′ 4 and 292 Ibs, wearing a red cap, tan khaki long shorts, yellow socks and flip-flop style shoes. This was exactly how Mike Brown was also dressed when the police officer shot and killed him few minutes later. However, the police officer, Darien Wilson, was only in the area for a separate 911 call and did not even know that Mike Brown was a suspect. The robbery in the CCTV footage showed a young male who looked like (and even dressed like) the body of Michael Brown shot dead, in an robbery that was more of strong-arming (without weapons though) for a box of cigars he took away with his friend and accomplice who had dreadlocks, like the Dorian Johnson who was with Mike when he got shot.

Ferguson police on Friday released these surveillance images which showed two men stealing a $50 box of cigars from a convenience store shortly before midday last Saturday

He then leans over the man during the 'strong-armed' robbery on Saturday shortly before midday 

Whether it was indeed a robbery act carried out by young Brown or an attempt by the police department to smear Brown’s name, I personally think the police was being callous. Please, Mike Brown was shot eight times or so and the cop did not even know he was earlier a suspect in any robbery. Besides, what if Mike Brown had indeed not been in any crime except what went down between him and Officer Darien Wilson, would that have been how the cop would use excessive force to the point of murdering the young man? Michael Brown might indeed got served his karma but should the police then go about trigger-happy that probably any black they shot deserved it as karma…for being black?

On December 8 1969, over 5000 rounds of ammunition were exchanged between the members of the Black Panther and the newly-created SWAT officers. Three members of the SWAT were wounded and three members of the BP were also wounded. It was a victory for the black community and a disaster for the LAPD. By the time the FBI used COINTELPRO to covertly infiltrate the organization, the BP became nothing but an empty shell (Read more of this in the autobiography of a BP member, Wayne, in Nine Lives of a Black Panther).

As for the Nation of Islam, the death of one of its strongest voices, Malcolm X, and his later disillusionment with what the NOI stood for is still a controversy today. The NOI on the platform of Islam already cuts out the Christian black who wants to reckon with a pro-black body without having to question his religious side. Besides, Islam – the last time anyone checked – was an Arab religion, unlike voodoo or Ifa. I think the NOI could have stood better chances without attaching any title to any doctrine. Racism is a social and political issue, more than anything else.

Another international pro-black organization I watched on video its rally in Germany is the NBM (Neo Black Movement), also known as the Black Axe in Nigeria. It is purely political and social and open to anyone of any faith. Another point about the movement is its very militant. However, it is a shame that the violence and crimes that members of the NBM perpetrates makes it totally nothing to write home about. Its ideals that were instituted by its founding fathers honors the heroes of Africa and it lauds a utopia of black supremacy as much as the KKK lauds that of whites, however, the NBM is not racist or ‘sees all whites as nothing to write home about’, for there are the liberals. The NBM is more or less a bunch of young and old men dressed in weird garbs who do nothing but meet to socialize, laud demagoguery, collect dues and romanticize of a utopia.

  The point is, the KKK has been known for his racist, bigotry teachings that are merely to depict the black man as no better than animals. It has been known over the years for murders, rape and many crimes against non-whites, yet here they are in public and nobody is saying anything about it. Sure there is freedom of association, but not when your message is replete with hate and prejudice. The world has too much hate already, how much would we keep stacking upon it? Extreme Islam does not see anything good in being anything else except a fundamentalist Muslim, as we see the ISIS in Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda preaching bloodshed and hate of ‘others’. The Neo-Nazi in Germany are also a racist group effort is being made to check its growth in society. Now, why would any society allow a hate group to parade itself in a supposedly civilized society, if Islamic militants and Neo-Nazis are being tagged as anti-social. Should the NBM or Black Panther be criticized as being too militant therefore? How many more hate groups can humanity take?

Equality is not justice. A dwarf and a giant could be given the same equal box to stand upon to watch over a fence and the dwarf still not tall enough to see over the fence. But it is only when there is justice that it would be made sure that the dwarf has the right amount of boxes to make him see as much as the giant is seeing. Democracy is meaningless when the leaders are not democrats.

Truth is if Michael Brown deserved Karma, the officer who shot him deserved justice to not take such extreme measure of force next time and deter other such officers from taking rash actions that could cost an innocent life (contrary to the KKK allegations of all blacks being stereotypical thugs). How long too will the black society get their acts together. It is a fact that parenting has gone down the drain. These maladjusted members of the society came from some homes; homes that churn out bullies that soil the rest of the black community as males who fathered children they do not care for, who feed the streets with maladjusted minds. Education is the key to freedom and social justice. Any group or organization set up to promote the interests of the blacks in the face of the existence of the KKK, must preach in emphasis the requirement to have education, both self-education and classroom education. The first duty of a revolutionary is to educate himself. Michael Brown does not deserve to be shot that way because he stole a box of cigars. Meanwhile, 19 years old white boy, Michael Stucky Jr. in Minnesota was charged for raping two girls (15 and 13 years) in two separate encounters and only got one year jail sentence.

Right now is the Anonymous the voice of the oppressed? Anonymous is a shadowy, snide international collective of hackers and online activists who have played a key role in the growing confrontation outside St. Louis over Mike Brown’s death, goading and threatening the authorities, and calling the effort Operation Ferguson. Operations in the collective’s decade-long history have included taking down the World Cup website to protest poverty, helping identify assailants in a rape case in Ohio, cheering on the Occupy Wall Street movement and carrying out coordinated cyber-assaults on repressive foreign governments. For those new to Anonymous, it’s a global collective of millions of autonomous individuals and groups, working to advance similar ideals. Blacks need a platform to give them a voice, for It is not the harsh words of the enemy that hurts, but the silence of friends. Yet, we should remember that according to Che Guevara, the first duty of a revolutionary is to get education. It is the only true platform to stand on. Take up an arm by arming your mind. 


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