According to the words of Hegel in the Hegelian principle, “All events happen twice in history.” Looking through history, one will see that many great events that shaped the world happened twice or more. The world two wars, the US is trying to prevent a third according toNostradamus’ prediction of some prince in the Middle East. The coming of Christ that Christians are waiting for; and even the two giant events in the life of each man… birth and death.

    Bigotry has plagued man in the past because of humanity’s prejudicial view of what others are and how they should be. Slavery had assailed man through the centuries up to the 19th century. When man subjected another man to conditions a dog would not be subjected to these days without the world crying foul.

    Now, the issue of slavery is archaic and slaveowners woke to the shock of seeing their slaves strolling as freemen. The 20th century was again hacked by the issue of race, as the aftershock of the end of slavery. Now in the 21st century, it is so ancient for anyone to be openly racially bigoted, it is crude. We all now know that nothing wrong in having white Africans as much as black Americans.

    A black dude even sits in the whitehouse. The world is progressing. However, while broadmindedness and liberty is advancing man to utopia; closemindedness and bigotry are tearing the world apart. Now in the 21st century the bigotry is on the platform of religion. Religion is an ideal thing that helps man to live in peace and love with others with the promise of heaven. Alas, religion is segregating the world.

    Extreme violence has now become synonymous with fundamentalist jihadists, as much as Christians regard non-Christians as pagans and lesser creatures in a sanctimonious way. Religious bigotry can be summed up thus; “a believer fights another believer, as a doubter fights only himself.” Yet we breed kids daily and orientate them on “You are wrong.” “I am right.”


    God has no religion or color. Happy is the man that can live without color or creed. That is the truest form of religion. Spirituality encompasses humanity as a throbbing soul in the heart of the universe. Religion segments this soul into creeds and sects. Slaughtering or thowing bombs to score religious point ridicules whatever your ideal stands for, as much as seeing yourself better than a non-believer.

    We can make the world a better place. Not some Armageddon war between evil and good. As long as our thinking still reads: “I am right.” “He is wrong.” “Mine is good, his is bad.” Then we will keep swirling in the shitty muck of a tumultuous world. You want to wear your beard like some Hassidic Jew, it’s a free world, do so, but don’t expect everyone must be like that.

    Whatever your belief or idea, knowledge is a two-edge sword that could be as blinding as ignorance if the rough edges are not smoothened by broadmindedness. We all cannot wear one color, one shoe or have one belief. Give room for others in the space we call earth.

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