What is written on the wall for Africa by Gaddafi?

Probably because the word opposition leader is a rarity in a monarchy and it was not yet a century before self-sovereignty was won from colonial masters… maybe this is why the word opposition is not understood in Africa.

How long are we going to keep having sit-tight rulers who abrogate upon themselves the right to decide the fate of the citizenry and probably even pass on the cloak of god-ruler to their children. Someone tell me, maybe God created some people in Heaven with blue blood to actually lord it over the rest of us with red blood.

There has been so many arguments over the fall of Gaddafi, mostly about whether it was right or wrong to pull him down from the deluded position of being untouchable. But to be factual, Gaddafi held together the seams of Libya.


But truth is, high time Africa started building her polity on strong institutions and not strong men. An institution that will guide subsequent leaders into the future for generations after generations. How long do we have to keep counting on strong men to carry our burdens for us when we are the strong people. Africans have to stop the mentality of always relying on someone to carry responsibilities or take the blame or fingerpointing when things are not working… do not shirk responsibilities, take them!

Gaddafi shot himself in the foot thinking he could crush the insurrection when it first started by using military hardware against his own people; until NATO had to intervene and then turn the tables in favor of the rebels. Of course it should have been the AU who was meant to have launched campaign against Gaddafi’s use of arbitrary force in contravention of the AU Article 4 (h) of the African Union Constitutive Act established in Durban S/Africa, which says (the Union has the right to intervene in a member state in respect of grave circumstances, namely war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity).


But who in God’s name makes up the AU to challenge Gaddafi, he has them all in his pockets. A lot of people like those who are so generous to give them money and gifts, and they will lose their sense of rationality because of this generousity, but let us not forget… fear the Greeks even when they come with gifts. The lack of the AU to live up to its own constitution results in the coming in of NATO which had been looking for the right excuse to depose Gaddafi, hook or crook.

Gaddafi had had the reputation of his regime killing black immigrants from sub-Saharan black Africans, which made the administration of Obasanjo (former Nigerian president) intervene at one time to save the lives of 21 Nigerians. This mentality has continued in the current civil war as the rebels are also continuing that brainwashed policy of racially targeting blacks for killing, bordering on genocide. It will take another generation of re-education for Libyans to finally accept blacks as fellow Africans. So much for three decades of Gaddafi’s policy on black immigrants.

We are the strength of tomorrow, and it is best if we are more rational than sentimental. Although, reason is Hellenistic and emotion is Africa, but we should start applying rationality as much as Westerners are also applying sentimentality. When Saddam was toppled, no one remembered anymore the man called Mr. 5 percent (real name Calouste Sarkis) the Turk who founded Iraqi Petroleum and was agreed to be given 5% royalty on every drop, resulting to his nickname.

Mr.5% died in 1955 and passed this royalty to his son Nubar. But 17 years later, Saddam seized Nubar’s right of 5% in the name of the Baarth party,assumed custody of the account, and shared signature of authority with defence minister Adnan Khairallah and petroleum minister Adnan Hamdani. In 1979, Saddam ordered the execution of his friend, Hamdani, and ten years after that killing, Khairallah died in a mysterious helicopter crash.

Meanwhile the money had climbed to $92million in 1973, by 1974 it was 327 million dollars. By the Iraq-Iran war it was 1.69 billion, in 1995, it was 32 billion dollars. Only one mad now had access to that account, Saddam Hussein, who was also able to build himself a chariot of solid gold. Saddam’s son, Qusay withdrew $900 million in the last days of Saddam’s regime and tried to smuggle it into Syria to escape allied forces. another $600million was found in one of Saddam’s palaces, and $ioo million with 90million euros were stacked in armored vehicles, along with gold worth half a billion dollars.

No matter how much a dictator portrays himself, the fact that no one can question him gives him the privilege to stash accounts that cannot be queried. Gaddafi did well in Libya, but fact is a dictator is a dictator. We have gone past the eras of kings and queens, and even the British monarchy is just charade. Time also has come to go beyond dictators in Africa.

The AU must wake up to its responsibilities and stop rulers who may be using military forces to quell insurrections, this will not make us looklike weaklings in Africa who always wait for the UN or NATO to come wipe our butt-holes after we have taken a dump. Let us say it as it is; as long as it is easy for even the ordinary black man who just wants to blame someone for his failure will keep fingerpointing the cause of his woes to the west, let us not mince words too about those who are not making Africa  go into the new future, whther they are African leaders or Arab leaders. Criticism should be objective.

We are too quick to always see the good in questionable leaders and trying to make excuses for their flaws, when we always want to see bad, bad, bad, no matter what about the west, yet overlook the bad, bad, bad in those we think are fighting for our future when actually they are trying to turn themselves into demi-Gods (note the absence of small letter g) and install their sons after them, like Zeus on Mount Olympus.

I love Mugabe, but he is becoming as ancient as a dinosaur and should not in his myopia sit so tight he will forget that it was better building another pan-African youth leader to rule after him, or else, when he dies, the West will simply sneak in like a fox slinking towards the door to the coop left open by the farmer.

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