It is a fatal thing to sit down contentedly with anything less than perfection. There has to be a number of trials and errors before we arrive at near-perfection, even though perfection can never be truly achieved but endlessly pursued. It is myopic to mention Africa and the first thing you think of is a continent that is never good at anything but waging wars against itself.

Well, for Westerners to sit in their swivel chair and sneer is one thing because they might be quick to forget the number of wars Europe and America had waged and even pull the world into two nasty ones, but it is another thing to hear brainwashed Africans join them in this ridicule. A ridicule you think will make the Westerner give you a pat on the back for talking against your own people, rather than being objective?

Has anyone ever taken time to notice that during the height of the Cold War between Soviet and American Imperialists tussling to control the world with their ideologies, Africa either had puppet rulers (like the Balewa Azikwe duo in Nigeria) or Pan-African leaders who were quickly deposed – of which Africa had a lot of this sprightly visionaries back then (like Nkrumah of Ghana, Kenyatta of Kenya, Nyerere of Tanzania, Senghor of Senegal and Neto of Angola): note that Leopold Senghor and Augustino Neto were poets, even as presidents, and their poetries are still in use today in schools.

As soon as a president is thought of as not going along with opening his country for the dumping of foreign goods, while killing his country’s local manufacturers, the CIA comes in and there would ensue a coup or a civil war.

Fifty million dollars will arm 200,000 men with 200,000 AK-47, and $25 million will arm a hundred thousand: that is cheap enough for a business mogul with economic interest to cough out let alone a government agency like the CIA. A lot more goes on behind the curtains of power and while we in our blindfold condemn and condemn Africa; the Westerners sit back in their cosy offices and watch the killing and condemnation.

They launched Jose Savimbi against Augustino Neto in a war that spread for many years; they backed Mobutu Sese Seko in a coup that killed Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, until Mobutu Sese became richer than his country; CIA on one side and Communist-labeled African leaders on the other… the war went on.

With the end of the Cold War, the official issue of the Red Army being the AK-47 (47 signifies the year it was made by the Red Army soldier, Mikhail Kalashnikova, now a general and living in Russia). The Russians began to sell everything on the black-market, from RPG-7 grenade launchers to T-55 tanks and even their uniforms.

Gunrunning became lucrative for businessmen and the Mafia who exchanged arms with drugs or outright cash washing millions of dollars through offshore money laundering in Swiss banks and the Bahamas.

Hence another theatre of war erupted in developing Africa where people were still learning to live together as a result of the haphazard mapping of the continent during the Berlin Conference of the 19th century when Europe divided Africa amongst themselves like a cake.

Instead of Hutus living in a single country and Tutsis in another; Nigeria is also a good example of this disorderly cutting. But there is good advantage in this diversity as time goes on, and this supposed weakness is the strength of Nigeria. Yet it has not been an easy road for Nigerians.

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazaville, Chad, Darfur all became another generation of guerilla warfare. Now Cote D’Ivoire is also going through that path of war. And today the Chinese is trying to continue where Russia stopped. Recently a vessel loaded with Ak rifles was prevented from berthing in Zimbabwe and being used in the issue on putting in place Mugabe’s regime – courtesy of the Chinese now. F fresh tussle over Africa.

700 people so far has been killed in Ivory Coast and there is the possibility of a final showdown as government and rebel forces set to battle over the commercial city of Abidjan. This offshore banking and gunrunning almost threw Nigeria in a second war when a governor in the Niger Delta began importing arms for militants in the creeks. It is so easy to arm an army these days.

However, it is our fight if we are to stop selfish rebel leaders with no political ideology but only that of business interest. This is where Nigeria comes in; we proved it in Liberia against Taylor, we stopped those limb-cutting rebels in Sierra Leone and we are in Darfur.

It is high time Africa stopped waiting for the UN to mediate and fight our fight. We must be ready, for it is not an easy feat to arrive at democracy: TO HAVE PEACE ONE MUST PREPARE FOR WAR. But as time goes on, Africa will surely cool down, like lava cools after a volcanic spill.

Let us only remember that we should not encourage the racially-minded whites or sell-out blacks among us who have the mentality that nothing good can ever come out of Africa. Europe was battered to pieces by World Wars because of imperialism and domination among themselves.

England fought a protracted civil war until rebel-leader Cromwell conquered King’s Charles army and had the king sent to the scaffolding. America as we know it, not just fought a War of Independence but as well a bloody civil war.

Every developing nation must snarl and bite at itself within itself, no matter the period, until the people finally understand and find a political way together. China, Russia, France all had bloody revolutions that cost hundreds of lives.

Not even a country like ours where we were not allowed to do our own growing when we should have, but rather we were stemmed under colonial rule and lived dumbly until we began attaining independence in the 60s and 70s – at the height of the Cold War. THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE WATERED BY THE BLOOD OF TRAITORS AND PATRIOTS. But there is hope, freedom is beckoning, a new age is dawning.

Kalashnikova like any inventor, invented a deadly assault weapon that is capable of tearing a man in halves which a 12-year child-soldier can handle… the Western businessmen backed by their government agencies like any self-centered businessman, are giving Africans guns to shoot and kill so that they may have a clear arena to dump goods… and Africans are arguing about the way to take to their political freedom like any nation went through… NOW WHO IS THE REAL KILLER?

The annoying thing is now how these same whites in their sanctimoniousness still turn around to hand Africa doles and we foolishly think …”Oh these whites are so angelic they are trying to help us. Africans! Oh, I wish I weren’t one; we do nothing but kill and war… Africans are barbarians and monkeys! The West is even better ruling Africa!”

Go on condemning, instead of looking at things objectively and knowing the fight is yours – ours – to set ourselves free, maybe the West will give you an award as a sell-out black!

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  1. A Black Woman from the Bronx. says:

    Thank you for posting this article. I am an African-American and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get involved with the creation of an African-American centered political ideal. I am here, but I am not of here. Ancestral inheritance and generational wealth have been replaced by exploitation by the European (colonial/imperialist; capitalist; racist/white supremacist; patriarchy) powers and generational poverty. African-Americans (not all. Most are still under the spell) are willing, but we live in an energetic cess pool. It is mind scrambling and accounts for many of the images the Media (which no Black American owns or controls). It’s like living inside of a Snow Globe. There is a static image (of the black American) that the rest of the world is provided with (by tv, music, movies, fashion, etc) and there is a hazy view of the rest of the world from the inside (think George Orwell’s 1984. The fake wars and fake food and the obsession with controling fertility… I’m probably being Big Brothered right damn now.) So this is some one else’s vision (White-Supremacist and controllers of the currency IMHO) that is sold to the rest of the world and we fall under the monkey see, monkey do type of spell. The music is filled with drums and chants and rhythms that tap into you. There is no culture, only hegemony that does not belong to us. I know we are in a special position to affect world issues, because the elite American intelligence agencies were founded upon staying on top of and suppressing this mindset. It will never die. The Civil Rights Movement FAILED us on working towards self-determination and the crack era was an act of civil warfare on the foundation the Revolutionary parties built for us. The 90’s was the era that made us trust the media and post Y2K, it was converted into the control mechanism we know it to be today. It’s no secret that the US government is a corporation that deals in the economics of war. They create situations not only abroad, but domestically as well. I guess what I’m saying is that it is time. How do Africans worldwide form a political status that will separate us from the imperialist capitalist white supremacist patriarchy and force them out of Africa so that Africans worldwide may answer the ancestors call?


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