Man is a mental creature and unless we delude ourselves, then we will undervalue the importance of man’s mental activity as much as his physical ability: sound mind in a sound body.

I wonder why the white slavers during that system of evil trade, employed the use of Africans as plantation slaves after the Indians – who were dying in their droves – could not stand the rigour of hard labour from sunrise to sundown.

Is it not humorous that the Bishop of Chiapa in the Americas, Bartolome de Las Casas in 1518, as with other Spanish and Portuguese priests, were moved to pity to see the converts dying off like flies. The Bishop then proposed that Africans be purchased to replace the weaker Indians. We all know the rest of the history… hundreds of millions of Africans had been exported to American plantations.

Today, racists statements condemn the African as lazy…I wonder what will be said of the Indians then. It is disheartening that such degrading things are quickly connected to Africa without profound objectivity. In the cause of chaos, truth is often lost.

I am not one who blame the white man for all the evil that befell Africa, but surely, the terror of slavery and colonialism would not be wiped off easily from history as with the Holocaust or Napoleon’s daring conquests… the past has a way of drifting back to the present no matter how much we try to  deny it.

But slavery is the bane of African Americans as colonialism is the shackle Africa is still trying to break from (now neocolonialism).                                          Before the desecration of Africa we had skilled artisans who made clothes, farm tools, artistic works, mats, discovered the use of herbs and distilled drinks, ran states, armies and unwritten constitutions.

With colonialism comes an abandonment of these things that could have slowly evolved, just as China evolved from its peasantry into a world power today – BECAUSE IT WAS NOT COLONIZED. And Africa still did not have the luxury of early independence like India, or were we ever freed from post-colonial puppet politicians and army leaders.

This resulted in years of depression and poverty since it was only the privileged few that could import Western goods and thereby African women became more of traders and the larger population became consumers. There is no prosperity when you only eat and sleep in a dejected environment… this is poverty.

Poverty then eats into your state of mind allowing depression to weigh upon you like an 18-wheeler dumped upon an ox. Winos and junkies in Europe and America attest to this fact that poverty,depression and alcoholism make the sufferer turn indolent irrespective colour.

It is not because the African is black that he is lazy, it is because of the disillusion and insufficient mental education (not necessarily western education as we see in China and some part of the Arab world). He has resigned himself to breeding kids and sinking himself in a sea of gin to hide from the reality of his hopelessness. He wakes to reality and he returns to that drunken state which perpetually imprisons him in that loop.

Germany had also sank into that state of despair until the oratory of Hitler woke them back from their slumber and that sinking country shook Europe with its inventions and racial esteem, qualities that could have been made to good use if Hitler had not been sick in the head with his myopic Third Reich.

A country like Nigeria is gradually becoming the America of Africa, shows how ambitious the African man can be given the right enlightenment: I have never seen a country in Africa as go-getting, daring, no-holds barred, never-say-die as Nigerians. This drive for ambition makes the Nigerian not mind whose ox is gored and even con or grab by hook or crook; it is a quality that will be turned into an advantage in the next few decades, just as the Americans turned their capitalist greed and conning tricks into powerful businessmen and global industrialists.



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  1. GBENGA says:

    A logical criticism of a national event, an inconvenient truth for the teeming youths of the nation and a frankly written piece of writing set out to orientate and cultivate the weed evaded fertile minds of Nigerian youths. Note, a fertile land left uncultivated produces the rankest weed.


  2. Greetings!
    Thank you very much for your efforts at positing right perspectives and attitudes towards ourselves via our philosophies of life , respect for ourselves and our wider communities. May your work and effort meet with the rewards it deserves


  3. Aliosca says:

    I worked with some black people in Europe my man and I do say that blacks are lazy. They work so badly for their pay that they can frustrate the other workers to kingdom come. They are great guys outside of work but I hope I’m never obligated to work with them again.
    As for the greatness of African history…all places got their dark ages. It is a common theme among those ho fail that history deals bad hands to the honest players. It is the same over in my part of europe, the eastern part. The great Lev Tolstoy had a short fable about a fox that, unable to reach the grapes on the tallest vines, simply dismissed them as raw. Is not the west that is the problem, the problem is in the mentality, change that and we will all benefit.
    By the way. Abissinia was not a colony and is just a standard dirt poor African nation.
    Pardon my English, I come from an ex Russian “colony”.


    • takeupanarm says:

      I like the way u focus on the need to change the mentality of people, yea u right there. But u should know that history is often written by the victors at the detriment of the conquered. I wldnt want to guess how Hitler would have had the history of eastern europe written if the Nazis had been able to subjugate Europe and Russia. Abyssinia was an ancient empire that is also named Ethiopia or Axum, pls carefully go through the history of this region and u will know that despite the change of names depending on the dynastic periods, it was an empire that extended as far as Arabia and trading in the Red Sea, and it still has the Cotpic church which used to also be in Egypt before Arab Jihadists invaded and took North Africa. I have read Leo Tolstoy’s fable of the fox and sure, Africans, particularly those of African orgins living in the west need to quit pointing fingers and get to work. Education is a major role here, for the poorly educated ones are so quick to always want the good life and little work, this is also evident in the hip-hop culture which portrays blacks as extremely materialistic and violent. But whatever Aliosca, go through history not from the eyes of the conquerors but through the eyes of those whose history is being written, to know more about masonry, ask a mason.


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